Pantene Packaging Global Redesign

A Pantene packaging redesign resulted in a sudden increase in the number of production artists on the team. File accuracy and consistency became a high priority, and I stepped into the role of Brand Equity Owner, gathering information and coordinating between the separator and internal team. I was responsible for graphic proofing, approving ink and varnish specifications, final graphics and annotations on all outgoing art and guiding production artists on best practices for consistency and accuracy. I wrote and updated the ever-changing packaging technical guidelines to aid production artists in building consistent and error-free art for global Pantene initiatives.

Quality Assurance, Brand Information Management, Packaging Production, Technical Writing


Asks the right questions and offers solutions. Always recognizes the diversity of the team and treats everyone with equal respect and dignity. Approached a role on the team that didn’t even exist yet with a positive, motivated outlook, and turned the role into one vital to our success. Her brand partners not only rate her contributions to the brand work very highly, they also enjoy having her as a teammate.