Design Adaptation and Production at LPK

Print: postcards, brochures, magazines, coupons, business cards, letterheads, envelopes, signs, billboards, posters, in-packs, stickers, newsletters, manuals, book, guidelines, sales kits, credit cards, checks, ads

Packaging: cartons, tubes, labels, polybags

In-store: end caps, shelf talkers, palettes, neck hangers, trays, on-packs

Product Graphics: diapers

Digital: interactive PDFs


Design Adaptation, Production

LPK and LPK Clients

Our P&G Personal Health Care project lacked a consistent implementation resource due to the project stopping and starting on a few occasions. You were able to step in on the project and see it through to completion. As client services I truly felt like you were totally dedicated to getting the project done right. I really appreciated having you on the work and I had total confidence it was going to get done correctly. You were able to identify issues that I would not have seen and ask questions I would not have known to ask. You were extremely helpful and had a good attitude throughout the final stages of the project. Thanks for your good work.

…Paula’s help on the Bayer… project has been awesome. She is blindingly fast and thorough in her work, and her intimate knowledge of InDesign made her the perfect fit for this project. Where edits took a week for other people to complete, Paula got them done in one day and had less corrections. She requires minimal instruction and intuitively understands client and team needs. Having her on this project has helped us to save so much money, while also working more efficiently and with less stress.