Kroger Packaging Copy

The Swiss have a love for creamy chocolate and rich coffee. Kroger recreates this passion in a distinct blend called Suisse Mocha. So sit back, relax and experience the flavor and style of Switzerland.

A cup of Kroger’s Cafe Vienna takes the chill out of the brisk autumn air. With a hint of cinnamon and rich coffee, this exceptional blend is a delicious treat any time of the season.

You, like the French, can enjoy the finer things in life with Kroger French Vanilla Coffee. Enjoy this perfect blend of rich coffee and delicious vanilla as a sweet, smooth dessert drink or as a satisfying treat by itself.

Relax and enjoy a cup of Kroger Cafe Francais, and you just may think you’re in a cafe in Paris! Cafe Francais is a rich, creamy coffee with a hint of silky smoothness that will delight your senses.

Kroger Viennese Chocolate’s blend of rich coffee and smooth chocolate tastes as if you melted the chocolate into the coffee yourself. Viennese Chocolate is such a delightful treat, you can even enjoy it as a dessert!

Nestea Brew Breezin’ Package Romance Copy Exploration

Inside Cover: Summer creeps up early in the country, bringing with it sultry, hot days and warm, lazy evenings. Before the arrival of air conditioning and television, people escaped to their front porches for relief from the unrelenting afternoon sun and a refreshing drink of iced tea. After dinner, the sound of creaking wooden porch swings filled the air as families once again gathered to sip on cool iced tea and catch hints of the evening breeze that carried the perfumed accent of roses from the garden. Neighbors came and went, sharing stories and gossip and leaving with more to tell. *** Recapture the magic of the front porch, even if you don’t have one. After dinner, gather everyone in the front yard, pull out the lawn chairs, wave at the passing cars and, most importantly, enjoy each other’s company and a tall glass of refreshing iced tea.

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I was one of the first members of the LPK Copy Department, working on packaging brainstorming projects, naming initiatives (including trademark searches) and internal documents. Brands included Kroger, Nestea, Quicken and PPG Paint. While in the Copy Department at LPK, I also provided copy editing and proofreading backup.

Copywriting, Editing, Proofreading

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